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Lannea Speaks Birthing

"Birth Your Vision"

Lannea takes her real life experience as a trained birth doula and relates it to the steps women need to take to reach the next trimester of their spiritual/figurative baby and ultimately birth!

Lannea Speaks Trauma

"Trauma-Informed Leading"

Teachers, youth workers or anyone who interacts with children will leave this training feeling empowered and better equipped to handle the effects that trauma has on the health of children.

Lannea Speaks Health

"Mask Off"

Lannea takes the mask off and shares her own battle with depression while teaching others about disparities related to depression, maternal & child health & other public health topics.

...truly inspirational. A catapult for life changing experiences. Lannea Speaks "Birth Your Vision" workshop was the first time that I actually followed through and completed a vision project! I am grateful and will definitely be back for more!

- C. Hughey

C. Hughey