Lannea A. Adamson, MSW, MPH, CD (DONA)

Lannea has worked in the social service field for over ten years. She holds masters degrees in both  social work and public health and is a certified birth doula. She combines her wealth of  knowledge and experience to speak to others about the stigma of mental illness in the black  community, specifically among black women. She has been empowered to speak her truth  regarding her own experiences with mental illness, trauma and loss and encourages others to do  the same through trainings, workshops and seminars.

Lannea Speaks LLC was birthed out of Lannea Adamson's desire to give voice to "taboo" and stigmatized topics. Her passion for maternal and child health, training as a birth doula and personal experience give her a unique perspective that shines through when she speaks. With her empathetic, informed and  slightly comical presentations she is ready to speak for those who won't always speak for themselves, remove the mask and go deeper into the real issues of a matter.

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