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Are you ready to

Are you or the women you work with tired of a cycle of procrastination, of frustratingly starting and stopping or of living life beneath your potential?

Are you sick of life passing you by and not living in your purpose because of fear of failure, or worse, fear of success?

Lannea has been there! She spent years walking in doubt, fear and holding herself back from accomplishing her vision and dreams. But that mindset was left in 2021! She stopped the madness and wants to help you do the same! 

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Whether you are in pre-conception, where your dreams or visions are just a thought, or are full term and are close to the finish line, Lannea will use her experience to help you finally get to the next stage and ultimately BIRTH!

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After years of walking in doubt, fear and holding herself back from accomplishing her dreams, Lannea stopped the cycle of madness and birthed Lannea Speaks LLC. As she is experiencing the labor pains of birthing a her goals and visions, her mission is now to coach and encourage women to go from being emotionally barren to birthing their desires, dreams and visions as well through her signature program, "Birth the Vision". 

Lannea is called to women who:

  • feel so hurt by what they’ve lost they don’t know how to move forward. 

  • have had a dream for years, but have let life get in the way and don’t know where to start 

  • You feel stuck and are going through the motions and do not know how to escape the monotony

  • You don’t know your purpose OR you know your purpose but don’t know where to begin to walk in it with authority

  • You’ve called your goals, dreams, visions... “impossible” “far-fetched”


Does this sound like you?

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